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CENTURY Martial Arts - a history of martial arts: founded in 1976 by American martial arts master Michael Dillard, Century began as a one-man store. His parents' garage was his workbench and his van was his showroom. He traveled extensively, attending tournaments around the country and selling uniforms out of his van in the parking lot. The income from the sales allowed him to afford to stay in a motel for the night, but otherwise the van had to serve as well. Despite all these problems and difficult conditions, Michael Dillard did not give up and continued to fight for his visions. Having earned black belts in many styles over the years, he knew that success requires absolute dedication and hard work.

Driven by his vision, 44 years later, he, along with his son and an ever-growing international team of more than 250 employees, continues to implement it as a mission with the guiding principles of thorough research, state-of-the-art product development, superior quality assurance, fast delivery and friendly customer service. Thus, he actively and indispensably influenced the development process, always guided by his principles and values, which led him to his goal and positioned CENTURY as the world's largest supplier of martial arts equipment. The successful implementation of these three factors placed Century as a successful martial arts entrepreneur in the global market! Our products have been used and recommended for years by some of the greatest martial artists such as Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Herb Pérez, Mike Swain, Ernie Reyes and Ricardo Liborio. But it's not just the greatest martial artists we're interested in, it's you - whether your martial arts journey is just beginning, you're a teacher or student, or you run a martial arts school, our mission is to guide you along the way. At Century, we follow the mission statement that life can change with martial arts and experience those positive changes every day, which reinforces our vision. All Century employees have the opportunity to take free martial arts classes at the company's two training studios (located in Oklahoma City). Classes include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Taekwondo and Kung Fu, as well as Cage Fitness and Yoga. Our passion for martial arts is stronger than ever. We know that martial arts are life-changing and our lives revolve around our commitment to the martial arts.

We are a company founded by martial artists, run by martial artists, and we design and manufacture sports equipment for martial artists. Thus, we know exactly what is important, what specific features the products should have and what physical impact during training, they must withstand.We strive to provide our customers with the best martial arts experience possible. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are constantly evolving to offer attractive, unique and practical products. Century is your store for all martial arts, whether you need boxing or kickboxing gloves, a uniform, a gi or karate sport weapons, we have what you need for your style. On top of that, we offer tactical self-defense and protective gear. In addition, our selection is rounded out by a wide range of quality martial arts items, such as martial arts uniforms and belts, which are manufactured and tested in our factory. Century has made a name for itself, fought hard for its position and proved with unique products that this success is not short-lived. Century entered martial arts history with the world's first, free-standing and best-selling stand-up punching bag with a human upper body, the BOB. The BOB became a trademark and was further developed, so that other BOB successors followed, such as BOB XL, VS.BOB, Bobby Bully and many more. Not only on our homepage and in martial arts studios you can see the BOB, but also in Hollywood film and TV productions. Just like the Original Wavemaster® standing punching bags, fitness equipment, sparring equipment, the BOB is characterized by the highest quality.

The product development was adapted to the special requirements of martial arts athletes. They are unmistakable trademarks of the Century Martial Arts product portfolio. Due to the increasing demand in Europe, in 2019 the owner and the management team of Century decided to cooperate with their long-time German partner Markus Liedtke and found CENTURY Martial Arts Europe, based in Dortmund. With our logistic know-how and Central European warehouse in Dortmund (NRW), we realize the guarantee of smooth service. We constantly strive to provide European martial artists, trainers, sports clubs, dojos and all other types of martial arts, with special products and latest innovations from Century. Whether you are a trainer, an enthusiastic martial artist, a martial arts studio manager or new to martial arts, we have everything you need for your optimal training. Our online store offers a wide range of bo staffs, mats, patches, belt displays and many other products to accompany your progress. Get your personal competitive edge and achieve your personal milestones as a martial artist with the high-quality training gear from CENTURY Martial Arts.Century cooperates with several prestigious brand partners, such as GAMENESS, PUNOK or Black Belt Magazine and also collaborates with Team PAUL MITCHELL Karate or Rock Steady Boxing. This collaboration results in special product developments based on the martial arts sessions and the experiences of the athletes. We, as Century Martial Arts Europe, have made it our mission to continuously implement and expand these guidelines, collaborations and advances to accompany your success in martial arts throughout your life.
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