Advantages for resellers & partners

As a registered "reseller" you can access a wide range of benefits, such as favorable purchasing conditions and volume discounts, support with purchasing and logistics, customization and consulting, free trade publications from the world of martial arts and partner programs - we have the right building blocks to help you succeed.

Our program has been specially developed for:

  • Operators and trainers of dojos, martial arts schools, fitness gyms, martial arts centers clubs and PTs

  • Associations and purchasing organizations
  • Resellers, e-retailers, stationary trade, shop-in-shop concepts

Special purchase prices and volume discounts

By registering to our program you will receive special purchase prices and special discounts on your annual volume. We will help you to realize these advantages:

  • Reseller prices: up to 40% reduced compared to MSRP
  • Net purchase prices with/without VAT, depending on the type of company
  • With already a monthly turnover of approx. 200,00€ you can easily reach your annual turnover and increase your discounts at the same time!

Additional volume discounts *²:

→ 5% from 5.000,00 € net purchase

→ 10% as of 12.500,00 € net purchase

→ 15% as of 25.000,00 € net purchase

*² Transport costs, services, customizations and special products (which are marked separately) cannot be combined with these volume discounts or are included.

Account status is valid for 12 months and can be renewed then, with the already existing volume discounts.

Personal support

CENTURY Martial Arts is there for you!

  • Personal support by our service and consulting team. We try to support you in your native language if possible. Besides German and English, we also try to help you in another European language. You have many communication possibilities with us, whether by phone during service hours, by e-mail, by social media channel, or also arrange a video call appointment with us.
  • As a program customer, you can also request an in-person appointment at our European Headquarters showroom. In person, you can often plan many things more creatively and easily.

Everything from a single source

Purchasing and Logistics Fulfillment:

  • As a partner in our program, you can take advantage of our global purchasing and logistics. Many dojos or even gyms have the problem that there is not enough space to stock a year's worth of uniforms or boxing gloves. Or you want to buy a year's quantity of one product, maybe even with your logo, but the investment would be too big?

 No problem, we offer you individual solutions for this, with which we take over the purchase and the stock-keeping for you. Be smart, just like big international program customers, for example Premier Martial Arts, ATT or Championship Martial Arts from the USA. We stock for you and ship on demand to your locations. In addition, you get a separate access to the online store with a separate category for you and your brand. As part of the program, we will be happy to advise you on this.

Additional income as an affiliate partner - without additional effort

CENTURY Direct Support Affiliate Program:

  • If you are listed as an affiliate with us, you can get a special affiliate code from us that you can give to your students and members. The code will be customized according to your needs, which will allow your students/members to save up to 15%. The distribution of this rate is done after consultation with you, so you can decide freely. You decide if you want to give for example 10% to your members, and the remaining 5% will be collected as credits for you, or another distribution.

Especially during the pandemic, this model had proven itself for many of our customers' closed sites, as the members had purchased at a discount, and the affiliate partner was able to generate additional revenue. The perfect solution to save you the hassle of transportation: Order through your account for your members and have it delivered directly to you. Feel free to ask for advice on this! 

Customizing: Bring your brand to life!

  • Many national or even international program clients are already taking advantage of the opportunities to have uniforms, stand-up punching bags, traditional punching bags, gloves and pads made by CENTURY Martial Arts with their own logo and colors. Here you can count on proven quality and reliability that has been established at CENTURY since 1976. Many of the products are "Made in USA" and therefore have a high quality standard. Likewise, the individual printing, embroidery and other personalization are mainly carried out at the headquarters in Oklahoma City.
  • Your brand - Your values - YOUR COMMUNICATION
    Especially in a more and more visual acting society it is immensely important to stand out from the crowd! No matter if you are a gym chain or a single martial arts school - with your own brand you can write your own history. Thanks to our many years of experience and our graphics departments (DE+USA), we can offer you personalized concepts and ideas. We would be happy to advise you on this as part of the program.

Exclusives for program partners - Be better informed than your competitors!

  • As a registered partner in our program we can give you access to global social media communities in the CENTURY Martial Arts family (Facebook group with more than 10,000 members). Communication and exchange in the global martial arts family is a great asset in expanding new ideas and successfully meeting new challenges. Grow with us!
  • You can also purchase the German edition of the legendary Black Belt Magazine at a reseller price. As a new registered partner, in addition to your first purchase, you will receive as a welcome gift the "Dojo Listing lite" in the current issue of Black Belt Magazine. Here you will be featured alongside other schools and gyms in the German-speaking world and will receive four free issues.
  • IN ADDITION, registered program customers will receive (upon request) an issue of MASUCCESS from the USA every eight weeks. This English magazine is produced by CENTURY and the consulting firm MAIA "Martial Arts Industry Association" as the leading industry magazine. The MASUCCESS contains many helpful B2B topics on board and presents useful offers.

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