CENTURY Martial Arts - a history of martial arts: Founded in 1976 by American martial arts master Michael Dillard, Century began as a one-man business. Since then, we have grown to become the world leader in martial arts equipment. Along the way, Century has continued to evolve, creating and successfully establishing many innovations for the martial arts market.

As pioneers in the sports segment, we were also the first martial arts company to establish an online presence, and with our own website, our customers can reach us online at any time. Then there are the product innovations that are still considered the most respected and famous standing punching bags, such as the Wavemaster® and the BOB® Body Opponent Bag product lines. Due to their notoriety, the BOB®'s and BOB XL®'s in particular continually appear on television shows and Hollywood blockbusters, such as "The Office" "Deadpool", "Justified", "Horrible Bosses", "Parks and Rec", "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", "Elementary", "Law & Order: SVU" and "Cobra Kai" - and those are just a few that have been mentioned!

In 1995, Century revolutionized the martial arts and fitness market by introducing the Original Wavemaster®, the world's first freestanding punching bag. In doing so, we ushered in a new era of training products for use in your own home gym, and of course for all martial arts schools and gyms. Market leading innovation - while everyone else was left behind!


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The impetus for so much passion for martial arts, is that many Century employees are martial artists themselves. Our founder, Mike Dillard, won two National Karate Championships during his active days as a martial artist. Some Century employees own or teach at martial arts schools and spend their free time competing and training after hours or on weekends.

In 2005, Century decided to further support its martial arts employees and, as a result, converted two areas of the corporate headquarters into training studios. Century Martial Arts Club employees can participate in martial arts classes during their lunch break or after work and can even advance and gain belt ranks through the experienced, certified trainers.

In 2005, we as Century decided to support our employees in martial arts. This decision resulted in the conversion of two areas of the corporate headquarters into training studios. Employees at Century Martial Arts Club can participate in martial arts classes during their lunch break or after work and even advance and achieve belt ranks through the experienced, certified instructors.

This is especially important to us because Century also manufactures most of the belts we sell on our websites at our headquarters in Oklahoma City - MADE IN USA. Since we perform martial arts ourselves, we know what it takes to earn a belt. The people in production do it with the same pride and commitment as the people who wear these belts.

BONUS: When Century launches a new product, whether it's new head guards, Thai pads or training bags, a prototype is usually tested by Century Martial Arts Club before it hits the market. The new equipment is thoroughly "put through the wringer"! If anyone discovers a problem, the product returns to the development department. Then, when a new prototype is ready, it is tested really hard again. The process ensures that our products are tested and found to be safe by martial artists. Product development and improvement is never truly complete, as Century works with its customers to enhance its products.

Century Martial Arts makes it a point to talk with a customer about product advancements and takes their feedback very seriously. To this end, Century Martial Arts has created various channels to communicate with the customer about just that, such as direct customer service, or various social media Century groups where customers can share their product experience.

As the European division of Century Martial Arts, we want to bring this spirit to Europe and also involve customers here when it comes to product development and martial arts ideas.


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Regardless of what martial art you are passionate about, whether you are a black belt instructor, beginner or feel you are in the fitness field, we are your one stop shop. Equip your school, gym or home gym, dojo with the best equipment. The wide assortment of our unique items ranges from skipping ropes and medicine balls, to boxing gloves and the distinctive BOB XL®.

As the European headquarters of Century Martial Arts, we have made it our goal to make the entire assortment available to every one of our customers in Europe. To make this as easy as possible and accessible to everyone throughout Europe, we offer the entire range through our online store. As long as the regulatory environment allows, all of Century's continually evolving products will also be made available to our customers throughout Europe. You have discovered a product in America, but did not find it on our site? No problem - contact us and we'll check it out for you!

Also, Century offers many great customization options for schools and individuals. Need your school's logo on multiple training bags? No problem! Custom stripe colors on your belt? Sure! A belt display with your child's name engraved on it? We can do it! We are competitively priced, so you can be sure to get quality gear at a great price.

Would you like to add that personal touch to your equipment and showcase your logo? We offer individual and customized solutions for this as well. Your logo on your punching bags, individually designed stripe colors on your belt, belt displays engraved with your name or uniforms especially for your martial arts school? We make it possible for you! Would you like to learn more? Then feel free to contact us!

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As Century, it is especially important for us to provide excellent customer service to all of our customers throughout Europe. That's why we're expanding our communication channels and team so there are numerous ways and languages to connect with us.

Through our TRUSTED SHOP QUALITY LABEL we remain transparent for all our customers. With both positive and negative reviews/experiences, it remains our constant effort to provide our customers with good service and quality products. We take your opinions and always try to implement them constructively - your opinion counts!


Unlike other companies that simply reuse old designs or resell imported designs, Century has its own research and development team. Our research and development team works at company headquarters to design and develop new products. Thanks to them, Century has always been on the cutting edge of martial arts equipment, with major innovations such as the original Wavemaster® stand-up punching bag, the BOB® body-opponent bag and the Versys™ series:

More New Products at Century Martial Arts Europe.

In addition to all the other benefits of Century, we also have our own research and development team. This means new products and designs are constantly being created at the company's headquarters in Oklahoma, USA. Thanks to this team, Century is always on the cutting edge of martial arts equipment, with notable innovations such as the original Wavemaster® stand-up punching bag, the BOB® body-opponent bag and the Versys™ series.

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PARTNERSHIP WITH MAIA (Martial Arts Industry Association)

In 2001, Century founded the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) to help grow schools and promote the martial arts. Our founder, Mike Dillard, believed that martial arts can change lives and communities for the better. He made it a priority to create MAIA, an organization that helps spread the martial arts by actively and strategically assisting schools in their development.

MAIA's consultants act as business and legal advisors to member schools. In addition, the website offers other resources, including lesson plans for the classroom and community. Century and MAIA co-host the annual Martial Arts SuperShow, the largest martial arts industry trade show and educational event in the world!

Century Martial Arts Europe is the official representative and partner for MAIA in Europe. You are running a martial arts school, you are still thinking about starting your own martial arts business, or you want to found a club? We will be happy to help you with these questions and decisions and advise you on the MAIA offers from the USA.


The Martial Arts Super Show, sponsored and co-hosted by Century Martial Arts and MAIA, is held once a year and is the largest event in the industry. Thousands of school owners and instructors have participated in the SuperShow's trade show and business seminars and have successfully used what they learned there to improve their schools.

At the SuperShow you will find big names in the business world as well as martial arts legends such as Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Ricardo Liborio, Ernie Reyes Sr. and Jr. and many others. In the training seminars, participants will have the opportunity to train alongside their martial arts heroes!

If you are interested in attending the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas, we will be happy to help you and look forward to meeting you in the USA at the Martial Arts Supershow. In August 2018, under the direction of Century Martial Arts Europe Managing Director, Markus Liedtke, the first official "Martial Arts SuperShow Europe" took place at the Westfalenhalle.

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If you've followed UFC fights, you're probably already familiar with Century products. In 2006, Century partnered with the UFC® and became their manufacturer of branded combat sports gear, including the official gloves worn inside the Octagon®.

Century has partnered with MMA coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn to work on product testing and innovation. Their fighters test Century products and give us first-hand feedback. Three years later, we approached Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend and American Top Team co-founder Ricardo Liborio about a collaboration. Century became his official equipment and apparel supplier, and we worked closely with him to design and create the '96 EspecialGi, named in honor of his victory at the 1996 IBJJF Championships.

In 2015, we partnered with Team Paul Mitchell, the longest-running sports karate team comprised entirely of athletes at the highest levels around the world.

Over the years, Century has also worked with TapouT®, Adidas®, PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) America, and IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation), as well as dozens of individual martial artists.

We always enjoy being able to accompany and support these great and talented martial artists on their way. The active promotion and support of the martial arts is one of our most important building blocks. The resulting collaboration with all the trainers, competitors and teams not only continues to build our martial arts community, but at the same time enriches us with experience that we can incorporate into our products.

Century Martial Arts Europe is also increasing its cooperation with European martial artists, professional athletes and young talents that we want to promote together with Century. With some selected European martial artists we run our affiliate program.

Furthermore we work with and support as Century Martial Arts Europe numerous European martial artists, professional athletes and young talents. Our affiliate program was created with some selected European male and female martial artists and is constantly booked out.


The more you spend, the more you save!

As a registered "reseller" you can access a variety of benefits that we have developed for you. From favorable purchasing conditions and volume discounts, to help with purchasing and logistics, customization and consulting, to free trade publications from the world of martial arts and affiliate programs - we have the right building blocks to help you succeed.

Our program has been specially developed for:

  • Operators and trainers of dojos, martial arts schools, fitness gyms, martial arts centers and clubs.
  • Associations and purchasing organizations
  • Resellers, e-retailers, stationary trade, shop-in-shop concepts
  • and much more. ... (see reseller program)


For our school and/or gym owners, we have special customization options. You have your own logo and would like to include it everywhere? No problem! We engrave, embroider or screen print anything on equipment. From uniforms and sparring gear, to backpacks, t-shirts, punching bags and more. Selling custom products can bring great benefits to your school. Establishing your own brand sets you apart as a school and gives you recognition in the marketplace through marketing presence. We are happy to help you design a logo if you don't already have one. With your own brand and personalized equipment you strengthen the community feeling of your teams at the same time.

Contact our Century Europe graphic designer with specific questions to learn more about customization/graphic services:

Century Martial Arts Europe Graphic Design

Christian Schick

Phone: +49 231 / 249453 89

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