Century C-Gear WAKO approved


Our new C-GEAR product lines are now WAKO certified!

CENTURY Martial Arts "world leader in martial arts since 1976" and WAKO, the world's largest kickboxing organisation with more than 3 million active members, are ushering in a new era. In cooperation with the WAKO, new product lines for point fighting and light and full contact kickboxing have been developed with 3 great designs for the C-Gear Line, which have been approved by the WAKO. The C-Gear Line is a CENTURY Martial Arts brand and is designed for competition and hard training.

The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) is the largest international organisation for the sport of kickboxing. WAKO became a member of the World Sports Association (now GAISF) in 2006 and has been recognised by the IOC since 2018. WAKO Kickboxing is recognised as the 37th member of the World Games Family (IWGA) and was included in the World Games of 2017. In a major milestone, the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) was recognised by the International Olympic Committee on 30 November 2018, becoming part of the Olympic Family. WAKO organises biennial Continental and World Championships (in all seven disciplines), World and Continental Cups, as well as open tournaments for cadets, juniors and seniors in both male and female divisions, in which only national teams are eligible. WAKO Kickboxing has 7 competition disciplines.

C-Gear WAKO Designs

Design Sport Respect & Discipline

Machine washable & Dryer safe

The C-Gear Sport „Respect & Discipline“ product line is WAKO certified and combines all the benefits of the Integrity and Determination products but adds the unique selling point in the martial arts industry. For the first time, you can put your protective and competition gear in the washer and dryer as often as you like, so you always have a hygienic and fresh appearance in training and competition.

Earn respect with cool and durable designs that won't fade or crack thanks to special printing technology. With diligence and discipline you will become a champion and this equipment will be durable by your side.

Design Integrity

Dynamic Design

The C-Gear Integrity product line has an attractive, dynamic design and is, like the Determination and Sport Respect line, fully WAKO certified and approved for competition.

Energetic design structures as a powerful expression of your actions and inner attitude in competition. Maintain the integrity of your unity as an athlete and a human being.

Design Determination

Simple Design

The C-Gear Determination product line has a minimalist colour design for purists and, like the Integrity and Sport Respect lines, is fully WAKO certified and approved for competition.

Simple design structures as an understatement for your determination on the mat surface. Focused on the essentials - that is the "purpose" of Determination martial arts products.

Polygiene BioStatic™ technology

The skin-friendly Polygiene BioStatic™ technology prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi so that the products remain fresh and hygienic for a very long time. Polygiene technology also improves the sustainability of our high-quality C-Gear WAKO product lines. Your protective competition gear stays fresh longer and needs to be washed significantly less often, saving you water and energy.

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