Triumphs and highlights!

Breathtaking fight weekends in Larnaca and Zagreb set new standards in combat sports

A thrilling weekend in Larnaca, Cyprus, came to a close last Sunday with a flood of emotion and outstanding performances. The Series A attracted athletes from all over the world, including our talented athlete Mia Bitsch, who competed in the 55 kg weight class and once again won the hearts of the spectators.

Mia performed impressively right from the start as she fought her way to the semi-finals with skill and determination. Although she lost a thrilling duel by a narrow score of 11:8, her determination remained unbroken. She knew that the chance to win the coveted bronze medal was still within reach.

On Sunday, Mia then stepped onto the mat again to face the big challenge. Her opponent, a powerful Iranian, promised an intense duel. However, Mia showed her tactical skills and achieved a draw that swayed the judges' decision in her favor. With a convincing 4:0, Mia was crowned bronze medalist, a triumph that paid tribute to her tireless dedication.

Not only Mia, but the entire German team could be proud of their achievements. Noah Bitsch, the national coach, was beaming at the achievements of his protégés. "It was an exceptionally high standard on site," he commented enthusiastically. "We can be justifiably proud of the German team."

The further successes were not long in coming, as in addition to Mia's brilliant bronze medal, her teammates also secured a gold medal and another bronze medal. The weekend was not only a demonstration of sporting excellence, but also a testament to the unwavering spirit and fighting spirit of the athletes, who carried the German flag with pride and passion.

A spectacular weekend of martial arts also took place in Zagreb, redefining the boundaries of the sport and keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. The former organizers of the legendary Karlovac Open were forced to move to a new venue as the demand for this epic battle had simply become too great. But instead of giving up, they went on the offensive and moved the arena to a new city - Zagreb.

The new hall was not only bigger, but also more modern and offered the fighters and spectators an unforgettable experience. It was the venue for the second Wako European Cup this year, and the atmosphere was electric.

Over three action-packed days, the competition took place on no less than eight tatamis and two rings. With each bout, the tension rose and spectators witnessed incredible performances and unpredictable twists and turns.

More than 2000 fighters from over 300 teams from 22 countries competed against each other, each of them determined to secure a place on the Wako rankings. Among them were two exceptional members of Century Team Europe, Alexandra Gregorieva and Tina Baloh.

These two ladies left an indelible impression this weekend. Tina, the queen of the -70kg weight class, fought her way unstoppably to victory, while Alexandra proved her dominance in the -60kg and -55kg classes, claiming double gold.

Her victories were not only a testament to her outstanding skills, but also a tribute to her unwavering motivation. The crowd went wild with excitement as they took to the stage and defeated their opponents with brilliance and power.

This weekend was more than just a sporting event - it was a celebration of the passion, talent and great spirit that makes martial arts so fascinating. Zagreb will be talking about these unforgettable fights and victories for a long time to come.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
2024-02-22 08:41:00

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