TEAM CENTURY athletes Tina Baloh and Jodie Brown

Great achievements for our TEAM CENTURY athletes Tina Baloh and Jodie Brown at the Olympic European Games!

TEAM CENTURY athletes Tina Baloh and Jodie Brown

Both presented themselves successfully in the weight category -70 kg. Tina Baloh from Slovenia even won the silver medal. In our big blog post we talked exclusively with the two Century fighters.

Interview with Tina Baloh:

How did you experience competing at the European Olympics? 

"At first it felt like an ordinary kickboxing competition, fighting at a gala event with a lot of media coverage. Our venue was separate from the other sports, so we weren't among other athletes or seeing other sports. I also think that not many people outside of kickboxing came to see our fights. The first time I felt like I was at the European Olympics was when I visited the Athletes' Village in Krakow and attended the closing ceremony. Running with other athletes in a stadium full of cheering people and just having fun and enjoying the moment felt surreal." 

How satisfied were you with your performance? 

"Overall, I am satisfied with the way I fought until the last minute of the last fight. To be honest, I'm not sure I even remember the whole last round of the final fight. Of course, the negative emotions got the best of me after losing and not achieving what I wanted. I made a plan with my coach, stuck to it and did my best, but it is what it is. It's still a great feeling to have a medal with Olympic rings, even if it's only silver."

What was special about this tournament? 

"I think for me it was the way each fighter was presented before each fight. This kind of presentation usually only happens when you fight at a gala. And since there were fewer fighters than we're used to at WAKO tournaments, you knew almost everyone, so the familiarity lasted during the fight. Many athletes stayed and watched each other's fight because each fight was interesting. Despite winning or losing, there was probably at least one person - athlete or coach - who told you that you fought well or did a good job and supported you along the way." 

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

"I'm most proud of winning my World Junior and Senior Championships and my silver medal at the European Olympics." 

Why did you join the Century Europe team? 

"I joined Century Team Europe not only because of the great fighters I now call teammates, but also because I believe the Century brand can grow and become a leading brand in the world of kickboxing. Times are changing, the sport is evolving, and I want to be a part of that!"

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Interview with Jodie Brown:

How did you experience the event at the European Olympic Games? 

"The European Olympic Games were overwhelming, every day was professionally run and every fight was close and entertaining to watch." 

How satisfied were you with your performance? 

"I was satisfied with my performance, I felt that I fought with my best abilities. Even though I didn't get the result I wanted, I was happy with my performance, and losing to my teammate Tina Baloh didn't make the defeat quite as painful." 

What was special about this tournament? 

"This tournament meant a lot to me because it had been my dream since I was 4 years old to represent my country through the Olympic organization. It was a dream come true to wear the rings and the Irish flag and represent my country with pride."

We can all be justifiably proud of these achievements!

The German kickboxing team finished second in the medal standings. Markus Liedtke the CEO of Century Martial Arts Europe: "The performance of our athletes were great and I congratulate the German team very much! We can all be justifiably proud of these achievements!"

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2023-07-07 09:05:00

Germans dominate in Zadar: Mia Bitsch two-time European champion, other German athletes win. Century/Punok team with Stefanos Xenos as European champion.

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