The Road to Porec – Karate1 Youth League

This week, from Thursday to Sunday, the major event of the Karate1 Youth League 2023 takes place in Porec, Croatia. The Karate 1 Youth League in Porec has become the most popular event for youth worldwide.

Join us in cheering on our PUNOK community and our athletes. Imane Valk (Netherlands) and Mia Bitsch (Germany) are competing as athletes on-site. Florian Haas, one of our experienced trainers, is also present to provide support in Porec.

We conducted an exclusive interview with our brand ambassador and athlete, Mia Bitsch, prior to the tournament.

What does martial arts mean to you personally? 

„For me, karate means pure passion and family. I associate many moments of happiness and sadness with this sport. But in every up and down, I always had my family and friends by my side! Karate will thus always remain a part of my life!"   

How long have you been practicing martial arts, and who and what got you into it? 

"I have been doing karate since I was three years old in the club Bushido Waltershausen. I was born into the sport, so to speak. My parents already had our club at that time and my siblings were already athletes themselves. Pretty funny, I was 26 days old when I joined the club and so I am the youngest kid ever to join a karate club."

What is your motto in life? 

"My motto in life is "Don't dream, live".  "

It's supposed to symbolize that you can turn your dreams and goals into reality and always give it your all and jump over every hurdle to do it."

Our recommendation for Karate Kata & Kumite - Punok WKF approved

What other passions do you have? Where do you recharge your energy for your sport?

"I have been playing the piano on the side for 10 years. In addition to that, my hobbies include painting and watching the occasional series in between training sessions."

What emotions do you associate with the city and the tournament in Porec?

"At the Youth League Porec, I won my first WKF gold medal. Therefore, I associate pure moments of joy with this tournament. Additionally, this tournament and the city itself are among my favorite events of the year because I get to spend a lot of time with my friends and teammates in a wonderful place!"

How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for such a tournament?

"For tournaments of this level, strength training will be slightly reduced in duration, and instead, karate training will be conducted at a higher intensity.

Mentally, it doesn't matter to me how big or small the competition is. I always give my best, and I have to accept the outcome, whether it's good or bad. What matters is that I am satisfied with myself. I stay focused and associate the preparation with positive feelings."

What particularly attracts you to Kumite? What are your personal challenges in this discipline?

"For me personally, what makes Kumite special is that every fight brings new challenges and new qualities.

The tactical variety and the ability to defeat the opponent with both body and mind create a feeling that is hard to find in other sports."

Why did you choose Team Punok, and what do you associate with the global Punok family and community and the people behind the brand?

"I am very happy to be part of Team Punok. It's great to see that the community always supports the athletes and tries to tailor the products perfectly for the athlete."

What specific requirements must Kumite equipment fulfill for you personally? Cut, fabric, brand personality - what is important to you in this regard?

"For me, it is important that the quality is good, especially to avoid any potential issues during competitions. I have never had any problems with Punok in this regard! The fabric should not be bothersome to wear and should be thin enough without revealing the skin underneath. Personally, Punok exudes a certain strength for me. The thicker lettering on the shoulders makes the fighters appear more convincing, which I really like!"

What is your opinion on the unwritten rules of Kumite on the mat?

"Personally, I always strive to be a fair competitor towards my opponents and referees, and I will always abide by the rules. However, as it is often said, these are unwritten rules, and unfortunately, not every opponent adheres to them."

Do you have a sports role model, and if so, who is it?

"My sports role models have always been my siblings, Jana (Bitsch) Messerschmidt and Noah Bitsch. I hope to one day be worthy of their athletic careers and stand on the same level as them. I owe many of my successes to them. Both have always motivated me, supported me, and shared their experiences with me. Additionally, since 2022, my brother has been my coach and has accompanied me to almost every tournament since then!"

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2023-06-28 12:13:00

Experience strong fights in Larnaca and Zagreb with our blog post! Mia Bitsch wins bronze, the German team shines. Over 2000 fighters from 22 countries set standards in Zagreb. 

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Germany's team won 9 medals at the EKF Championships 2024 in Georgia, including silver for Ili Hellen. National coach Noah Bitsch emphasised the success and Sydney Yvon confidently took the title.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

Katharina Dalisda successfully defends in the "MMA-OKTAGON" with eleven fights, including seven German fighters, thanks to key training in the "MMA Spirit". Impressive MMA career.

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