Brand ambassador Noah Bitsch

14.11.2023 13:17:00
Our brand ambassador Noah Bitsch was fifth in the Olympics, runner-up in the World and European Championships and a 20-time German champion during his active career. Noah is now active in the German Karate Association's (DKV) youth development program. He also passes on his experience and expertise to interested parties. We spoke to him exclusively about his successes, his goals and his life in the spirit of martial arts.


Noah, what role does martial arts play in your life?
»Martial arts and especially karate is a huge part of my life and has made me the person I am today.«

Who got you into martial arts?
»My father got me into karate when I was three and since then I've been totally hooked on martial arts and karate in particular.«

What role does your father play in your sporting development?
»He is the reason why I started and what I have become - he showed me how to train to become successful and build a strong character.«

What do you like about karate and kumite?
»What I like most about karate is the respect with and among each other. Especially in kumite, the thrill of being able to compete in a direct duel with someone without knowing who will win is what I like most. The precision and learning techniques to perfection still fascinate me to this day.«

What was your greatest sporting success?
»The participation and 5th place at the 2021 Olympic Games -75kg and the following placings:

  • 2nd place -75kg World Games 2013

  • 3rd place -75kg World Championships 2014

  • 2nd place -75kg European Championships 2015«

What other sporting goals do you have?
»My goal now as national coach is to successfully pass on my experience to the next generation and to build up, promote and support new champions for Germany.«

What did winning 2nd place at the 2013 World Games mean to you?
»This success is an absolute highlight in my career and was the culmination of a great and very successful time (overall Grand Winner Premier League 2012, European Championship bronze medal -75kg 2012, European Champion Team 2012) in the early days of my career.«

You are now a national youth coach yourself. What makes a good coach for you?
»A good coach has a clear coaching philosophy and manages to develop their athletes as athletes and builds strong characters.«

What would you still like to achieve as a coach?
»Develop and support world-class athletes.«

What is your motto in life?
»When better is possible, good is not enough.«

What do you pay attention to in your lifestyle in terms of sleep, nutrition and health?
»Sufficient sleep and a healthy diet have always been an important part of my life. I try to avoid industrial sugar for the most part.«

What do you think makes PUNOK products from CENTURY Martial Arts so good?

»I like and identify with the company philosophy (best quality at fair prices) and am absolutely convinced by the products.«

What do you think of the PUNOK uniforms?

»They are well-cut karate gis that give you a feeling of strength and lightness.«


With an impressive career that ranges from Olympic fifth place to runner-up in the world and European championships to 20-time German champion, Noah Bitsch has undoubtedly secured his place in the history of karate. He is now transferring his dedication and expertise to the next generation in the German Karate Association's (DKV) youth division as an expert mentor. Noah's passion for the sport and his tireless commitment are a source of inspiration for aspiring karateka. We sincerely thank Noah for his time and insights in this interview and are excited to see how he will continue to use his experience to promote karate in Germany and shape a new generation of champions.