Women’s Health Camp

It's the sports camp for every fitness level! Here you can spend a week doing the best for your body, your mind and your soul. Here there is sun, sport and a good mood. That's what The Women's Health Camp promises. Experience a varied week all about fitness, nutrition and wellness. From functional training to power yoga to fat burner workouts – there are more than 30 different sports, fitness and nutrition options every day. It doesn't matter whether you want to build muscle, get your body in top shape, recharge your batteries or just try something new - here you can put together your individual training program. The aim of the camps is that you return from the fitness week strengthened and full of energy and with a fresh mind. And all this in terms of a sporty and healthy lifestyle. Feel good, feel fit!

Get fit at the Women's Healthcamp

Interview with Natalia Kley-Wisniewska

I'm a personal trainer and as a trainer you usually have, as I call it, "several construction sites": Private customers, company fitness, fitness courses, events, online training, etc. And the Women's Health Camp is one of the nicest for me Construction sites. It's so much more than just a job to me. I am primarily responsible for training there (martial arts, athletic training, TMX fascia training, cross training, Hyrox and workshops on mental health). But the time with the girls in the camp is so much more! Approx. 170 powerful women, several training sessions a day, eating together and lying in the sun, a super cool team of trainers and the organization, an energy that cannot be described - you have to experience it! And all of that, of course, in the sun and on the beach!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE WOMENS HEALTH CAMP? I love the extraordinarily great atmosphere between the participants and the trainers. We're like a group of good friends. Although I have to work many hours a day and have to work hard, somehow I don't run out of energy because I'm having so much fun doing it. I think it's great that we offer the participants many different training options. You can try just about anything from yoga, Pilates and Zumba to cross-training, boxing and road biking. Of course, it is also special that we experience many great moments together outside of training, e.g. B. surfing or whale watching.

WHICH CENTURY TRAINING PRODUCTS DO YOU USE FOR YOUR TRAINING AND WHY? BOB! There's nothing better for practicing targeted kicks than Bob! I also love the new washable gloves for group training. These are high quality gloves, they can be cleaned properly over and over again and are therefore reusable.

WHAT IS YOUR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS FOR YOUR TRAINING? It's important not to lose the fun of it, listen to your body and find a WHY. If I enjoy the training, I will probably do it more consistently and, with a lot of motivation, set the alarm clock earlier. The human body has so much potential and skills to learn, so training requires a variety of stimuli and methods. In addition to the hard training, we obviously need a lot of rest and regeneration. The more training, the more regeneration! It is very important to take a day off every once in a while. I try to structure my training plan in such a way that all areas are covered: strength, speed, endurance, technique, mobility and coordination. Depending on what's coming up - kickboxing competition, ninja warrior preparation, etc. - the focus in training is of course a little different. For every exercise, for every training session and for every training plan, one should find an answer to the question "Why are you doing it?". For the answer, health should be at the top of the list. Also, I think exercise is just part of our lives and I'm sure everyone can find some form of exercise that they enjoy.

WHAT DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO IN YOUR DIET? As natural and unprocessed as possible. That means lots of vegetables, fruit, legumes, good carbohydrates, nuts, etc. 95% of everything is of plant origin. I do not eat meat. I don't count calories and I don't weigh my food. I try to minimize sugar and eat intuitively as much as possible. There's always a pizza or an ice cream, but there are no typical cheat days. I would say the ratio of being clean and healthy to treating yourself every once in a while is 80:20.

WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE SPORTING GOALS? I just want to stay unhurt, healthy and fit as long as possible. I definitely want to fight some big point fighting tournaments again and maybe get on the podium again. Be sure to hit the buzzer on Ninja Warriorn. WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL GOALS FOR THE FUTURE? Keep waking up healthy and happy every day!

DO YOU HAVE A MOTTO FOR LIFE AND IF YES, WHICH ONE? Every day is THE BEST DAY ever! I tell myself that every morning. WHAT IS FOR YOU

A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? For me, being healthy means feeling good physically and mentally. And a healthy lifestyle is all that helps me achieve that. For me it's a good balance between training and rest. Healthy and delicious food. Much sleep. Have fun and enjoy what I do every day, whether professionally or privately. Celebrating the beautiful things in life and going through life with as little stress as possible. Falling asleep each night with a smile and gratitude.

Women’s Health Camp: womenshealth.de/camp
Men’s Health Camp: menshealth.de/camp

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2021-12-21 15:01:00

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