16.11.2021 16:26:00


Since 1995, we have been celebrating November 16 as the International Day of Tolerance. With this day of action, the 185 member states of UNESCO emphasize the necessity of tolerance for worldwide peace and the development of peoples. Reason enough for us to bring this important topic into your focus as well.

Tolerance is incredibly important in our world of many cultures, religions and different ways of life. Without tolerance there can be no peaceful coexistence.

But tolerance is not always easy. What can be done about it and what can be done against intolerance? First of all, everyone should be clear about where they have difficulties with tolerance. Against whom or what do I have prejudices, and why do I have them? Am I curious and do I approach strangers openly? But one should also be tolerant towards oneself. Nobody is perfect - everybody has some faults. Adults and children, stupid and smart, rich and poor - we all have mistakes. Sure, you have to try to work on your mistakes. But the important thing is to accept yourself, then you can better acknowledge other people.

For us at CENTURY and for our martial arts community, tolerance and open-mindedness is one of the fundamental principles in dealing with each other.

If you notice that other people are intolerant, try to stand up for more tolerance. Treat all people as you would like to be treated!

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