The tournaments Wako Turkish Open World Cup and Kickboxing GB International Championship!

Istanbul, the city that connects two continents, was once again the venue for one of the biggest and most exciting martial arts events in the world this year - the Turkish Open. With over 5000 entries from more than 40 countries, nine boxing rings and 14 tatami, it was undoubtedly the biggest edition of this tournament ever. Athletes and fans alike flocked to the vibrant metropolis to witness outstanding sporting performances and collect valuable points for the upcoming Senior World and European Championships.

There was an electrifying tension in the air on the very first day. The energy was almost palpable as the first fighters stepped into the ring and captivated the spectators with breathtaking techniques and relentless fighting spirit. The smell of sweat and the sound of drums and cheers filled the huge hall as the fighters battled for victory round after round.

A special highlight of the tournament was the first-time presence of Century Europe with its own sales stand. The response was overwhelming. Visitors flocked to marvel at the latest products, get advice and try out the high-quality equipment. The enthusiasm for Century's innovative offerings was evident and added an extra dash of excitement alongside the sporting highlights.

While the Turkish Open shone with its size and international flair, another tournament took place in the UK that was smaller but no less impressive: the GB International Championship. With 543 participants, the competition was just as tough and the fights intense to the limit. At the center of this tournament was a remarkable athlete: Evelyn Neyens. Having just returned from injury, she competed in the prestigious Grand Champion category. With an impressive blend of precision, strength and grace, she dominated her opponents and ultimately secured the title. Her comeback was a true triumph and inspired both participants and spectators. Neyens' victory was not only a personal success, but also proof that determination and hard work always pay off.

The weekend ended with beaming faces, cheering fans and many new friendships made across national borders. The Turkish Open and the GB International Championship showed once again that martial arts is not just about strength and technique, but also about passion, community and the unwavering will to keep going.

Both tournaments provided a stage for athletes to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams. They were a celebration of sporting excellence and an impressive example of the unifying power of sport. Whether in the gigantic arena of Istanbul or the slightly smaller but no less impressive hall in the UK, the magic of combat sports left no one untouched. The spectators went home filled with the impressions of a weekend they will not soon forget.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
2024-05-31 08:14:00

Brilliant successes: Our athletes shone at the WKF Karate 1 Premier League in Casablanca. Abdalla Abdelaziz won gold and Team PUNOK achieved four Grand Winner titles.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

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Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

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Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

An unforgettable martial arts weekend: The Wako Turkish Open and the Kickboxing GB International Championship thrilled with top performances!

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
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