February 22nd is the international "Stand up to bullying!" day.

It is so important and an issue that affects us all! Together we want to empower children and young people so that they don't become victims of bullying and cyberbullying.

Support the
international movement
against bullying!


Take a stand
against daily
hatred and exclusion!

Symptoms such as abdominal pain and anxiety can be the result. Bullying should not be underestimated, which is why we need to protect our children and young people against it. This requires self-confidence, fitness, strength and mental fortitude. A strong child already radiates that he or she is less suitable as a victim and is better able to deal with the consequences if it does happen.

Almost one in three (!) schoolchildren are now victims of bullying. The expansion of communication into the digital space has made bullying even more explosive. The insults and threats often remain hidden in group chats and are not visible to outsiders. That makes it even worse!

So what can we do to combat bullying and cyberbullying at school and in other areas of life? Strong verbal skills as well as a good physical presence and fitness through martial arts training can be crucial in building self-confidence and resilience.

That's why we've selected the following items for you, your customers and your dojo to train and get fit against all odds on "Stand up to bullying" day: Brave Boxing Gloves Red/Black, Century C-Gear Sport Washable Sparring Foot Guards Solid Color, Beast Mouthguard, Century Pink Mamba Mouthguard, Century Snake Eyes Mouthguard, LW Student Uniform, Century Boxing Combo Youth.

On "Stand Your Ground Against Bullying Day", participants sign a pledge of total rejection of bullying to celebrate the day. They wear a pink T-shirt in solidarity. The event takes place around the world, mainly in schools, companies and other organizations worldwide. A pink shirt was chosen because the campaign was started by two students whose fellow student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The founders of the campaign were Travis Preis and David Shepherd. Bullying is the act of regularly harassing, tormenting or emotionally hurting other people.

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2024-02-21 10:48:00

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