Max Coga sets the SÜWAG Energie Arena on fire with a unique performance and double triumph!

NFC 18 witnessed an Easter hammering that sent the crowd at the SÜWAG Energie Arena in Frankfurt into ecstasy! Max Coga, accompanied by the unwavering team of MMA Spirit focused on an epic fight. With tension in the air and the audience eagerly awaiting the climax of the evening, Max delivered a performance that set the crowd's hearts racing.

In a breathtaking duel, he entered the ring to take on Pantelei Taran from Team Taran. The atmosphere was electric as the two fighters faced off, ready to give their all for victory. And Max did not disappoint. With unbridled determination and impressive technique, he executed a spectacular Technical Knockout in the second round that had the crowd cheering. In just 01:28 minutes, Max secured victory and not just one, but two belts, which he held triumphantly above his head.

The audience was thrilled and cheered Coga on frenetically as he celebrated his victories. The SÜWAG Energie Arena shook with excitement as Max had not only overpowered his opponent, but also won the hearts of everyone watching.

As a sponsor partner of NFC 18, CENTURY Martial Arts is proud to support Max Coga and the MMA Spirit Team. By working closely with champions such as Katharina Dalisda and Max Coga, CENTURY Martial Arts has been able to emphasize its commitment to combat sports and show its pride by branding its logo with the sweat of victory.

But not only Coga, but also all the other athletes from NFC 18 deserve a big congratulations for their impressive performances and victories. The fights were intense, the athletes outstanding, and the spectators were rewarded with an unforgettable night of combat sports.

Special thanks to the MMA Spirit team and Max Coga for the opportunity to be a part of this memorable event. Their passion and dedication to combat sports inspires not only those in the ring, but also those watching from the stands.

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NFC 18 will undoubtedly be remembered as an unforgettable chapter in the history of combat sports, and Max Coga has proven himself to be one of the most outstanding fighters of his generation. Until the next time the arena comes to life and the fighters meet again to dance on the ring, the memories of this epic evening will live on in the hearts of the fans.

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2024-04-03 10:02:00

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Max Coga impressed at NFC 18 with a unique performance and a double triumph in the SÜWAG Energie Arena.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

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