CENTURY: Competing with our own team of athletes at the 28th Hungarian Kickboxing World Cup 2023

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More prize money than ever! More world class than ever! More excitement than ever!

The 28th WAKO Kickboxing World Championship in Budapest is coming up. The World Cup will be held in Budapest, and the Hungarian Boxing Federation is organizing a huge event here again, which should become an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators.

From June 15-18, the competition days will take place. The tournament is a world federation event officially recognized by the IOC.

WAKO has taken long years and decades to reach exactly this level and wants to contribute to its future successes with this gigantic major event.

Here are the most important key data:

Venue: BOK Hall (former Syma Hall), Budapest, Hungary

Organizer: Hungarian Kickboxing Federation

28th edition of the HKWC:


- OPEN to all LEVELS and AGES

- NEW CATEGORIES (fighting and forms)

- High PRESTIGIOUS tournament

You can find the detailed schedule of the event days at this link:


TEAM CENTURY - We from CENTURY Europe are of course at the start with our own team.

Name: Tony Anderton
Age: 34
Nationality: Great Britain

With a BSc Hons degree in Sports Science & Coaching, and over 30 years experience in martial arts, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Coach our Century Europe Kickboxing Team.

As both Head Coach of the internationally recognised Team SAS, and a National Coach of the Great Britain Kickboxing Team, Tony has coached a multitude of fighters to WAKO World, European and Open titles. Tony is known for his depth of knowledge of the sports rules and tactics, and his calm, calculated and strong coaching style.

Here are the eight CENTURY EUROPE athletes who will compete in Budapest under their new coach Tony Anderton: :

They compete with our new C-GEAR Integrity product line - WAKO certified!

The C-Gear Integrity product line has an attractive, dynamic design and, like the Determination and Sport Respect lines, is fully WAKO certified and approved for competition. Energetic design structures as a powerful expression of your actions and inner attitude in competition. Maintain integrity as an athlete and a human being.


Our C-GEAR product lines are WAKO certified!

CENTURY Martial Arts "world leader in martial arts since 1976" and WAKO, the world's largest kickboxing organisation with more than 3 million active members, are ushering in a new era. In cooperation with the WAKO, new product lines for point fighting and light and full contact kickboxing have been developed with 3 great designs for the C-Gear Line, which have been approved by the WAKO. The C-Gear Line is a CENTURY Martial Arts brand and is designed for competition and hard training.

The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) is the largest international organisation for the sport of kickboxing. WAKO became a member of the World Sports Association (now GAISF) in 2006 and has been recognised by the IOC since 2018. WAKO Kickboxing is recognised as the 37th member of the World Games Family (IWGA) and was included in the World Games of 2017. In a major milestone, the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) was recognised by the International Olympic Committee on 30 November 2018, becoming part of the Olympic Family. WAKO organises biennial Continental and World Championships (in all seven disciplines), World and Continental Cups, as well as open tournaments for cadets, juniors and seniors in both male and female divisions, in which only national teams are eligible. WAKO Kickboxing has 7 competition disciplines.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
2023-06-09 11:27:00

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