A weekend full of fights, victories and surprises!

The Wako Yokoso Dutch Open in Amsterdam brought a flood of martial arts action to Holland last weekend, thrilling fans with breathtaking sport and exciting competition. From the first bell to the last punch, the energy in the air was palpable and the fighters left no stone unturned to prove their skills.

Friday was all about teamwork as the team battles took over the arena. With impressive skill and team spirit, the athletes rose to the challenges that came their way. It was a true test of their fighting skills and determination. But that was just the beginning.

On Saturday, the individual fighters gathered to show off their skills in the pointfighting category. With lightning-fast reflexes and precise strikes, they fought doggedly for victory. Every punch, every move was a step closer to triumph.

And then came Sunday, when the fighters gave their best in kick-light and light contact. With a mixture of technique and tactics, they fought thrilling duels that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. It was a truly spectacular end to an unforgettable weekend.

Among the participants were some outstanding athletes who shone through their performances. Tina Baloh dominated the tournament, securing not only the title of Grand Champion but also first place in her weight class. Our fighters Jack Buckley and Devon Hopper also put in impressive performances and deservedly took the top places in their categories.

The results of our participants:

Tina Baloh - Grand Champion 1st place
-70kg - 2. Grand Champion - 1st place - +70kg - 2.
Jack Buckley: 74kg 1st place
Devon Hopper: 84kg 1st place

Team bouts:
Men -74kg Tag Team 1st place
Men +74kg Tag Team 2nd place
Women Tag Team 2nd place

The teams also showed their skills in the team fights and fought bravely through the competitions. With team spirit and determination, they achieved outstanding placings that reflected their commitment and dedication.

The Wako Yokoso Dutch Open was a highlight in the calendar for martial arts fans and will live long in the memory. Until next year, when the best of the best will compete again and fill the arena with their martial arts!

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2024-03-07 11:17:00

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