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13.10.2020 15:23

THE DOJO - 30 years of martial arts

Oliver Drexler

This time we would like to introduce you to a very special school again. THE DOJO! In the secret capital of Rheinhessen - in Alzey - Oliver Drexler's martial arts center Drexler - The Dojo celebrated a gigantic reopening.

If you drive into the industrial area, you will see a Japanese symbol from afar: a vermilion torii. A symbol that otherwise only adorns Shinto buildings. In other words, it is an entrance gate to a true shrine. A fine detail of Far Eastern architecture for which Oliver Drexler is responsible. All students, all parents who enter the Karate and Taekwon-Do temples in the future, leave the mundane everyday world, but also stress and dust behind, and immerse themselves in the sacred - in the exciting, exciting world of martial arts."
Many do it the other way around, one dojo becomes two. We have merged our existing ones! Two dojo's with four changing rooms, three offices and a warehouse. The first dojo had been around since 1990, the second was added in 2003. 2018 our new dream dojo opened according to my specifications, in which 400 students are taught karate, taekwon-do, sportschanbara and fitness kickboxing. In total, there are four full-time trainers in the team, two per dojo and class group. "


with Oliver Drexler - The boss of "The Dojo". 8 times world champion, as well as European and German champion. Also 1994 Martial Artist of the Year. A real specialist in his field and a great master in Taekwon-Do and sword fighting:

7th Dan in Taekwon-Do, 7th Dan in Sportschanbara (sword fighting, Kendo style), 4th Dan in Kickboxing, 2nd Dan in Karate, 2nd Dan in KimooDo. In 2004 he graduated as a martial arts trainer from the Cooper Institute in Dallas / Texas with distinction. In 2010 he graduated as a Kimoodotrainer in Columbus / Ohio.

Oliver, right now you and your school are the first in Europe to offer the NinjaTrix Parkour concept and you are also the first in Europe to have the parkour obstacle products that CENTURY produces for its partner NinjaTrix. How did you come up with it?
There was a multi-page article about NinjaTrix in MASUCCESS and I immediately thought, Top - that would fit perfectly into our children's courses.

What makes the NinjaTrix program so interesting for your school and how do you use it?
Since the kids need more and more variety, but also the motor skills and coordination of the children have decreased extremely in the past few years, I thought we have the optimal tool. And it's true! The young and old improve enormously in a very short time. In addition, the fun and motivation factor is enormous. It was definitely the right decision!

Cobra Kai is currently very popular as part of the Karate Kid Universe - to what extent did the martial arts films and series influence you in the 80s?
Films like the Rocky and Karate Kid were one of my main motivators when I started my competitive career.

Did you originally start with Taekwondo or were there other styles that interested you at the beginning of your martial arts career?
I started with Taekwondo in 1981, but actually wanted to start with karate. However, there was no dojo near us. In retrospect, it was the right decision because I love kicks.

What brought you to martial arts?
I was always the smallest and was annoyed by the bigger ones because of it. When I saw a Bruce Lee video during my internship, I knew exactly what it was!
How long have you been successful with your own school on the market and what brought you to independence on and off the mats?
I have been running my own martial arts school since 1990, because the profession I learned was not my vocation but the martial arts. Although everyone thought I was crazy back then, I just wanted to give it a try and turn my hobby, which was my real calling, into a career.

How important is it to accept the martial arts school as a business today and to invest money in high-quality equipment and equipment?
Meanwhile we are five full-time trainers in my martial arts center. The business side is simply part of this, in order to secure the future not only for me but also for my employees. Two years ago I opened my dream dojo, just as I wanted it to be. A great dojo of course includes top equipment and here also to stay up to date and to give the students something new more often, such as right now NinjaTrix, on offer.

How has the current Corona situation influenced you and your team, and was there a moment when you might have wanted to give up, or was that never an option?
Of course there were difficult moments, but here I could fully rely on our team. Together we created a plan and reached the membership level from before Corona much faster than expected (yesterday).

You and your team are always at international tournaments, such as the US Open - where will the tournament market develop?
We are fighters and therefore hope for the season to start soon - simply for reasons of motivation. There are already online competitions in the area of ​​shapes. This could of course continue to take place. However, in my opinion, presenting yourself at a real competition is still a little different than online. There are spectators, referees and the pressure (which one should learn to deal with through competitions), also the emotions in a competition, the joy of winning, celebrating with the team - all of that is missing in online competitions. So no alternative for me.

How has the martial arts market changed in Germany over the past 20 years? What were the important events in the German martial arts industry?
Finally (with about 10 years delay to the American market) the martial arts business also spilled over to Europe, and especially to Germany. First organizations such as the professional association for martial arts and the German branch of the Martial Arts SuperShow were and are the pioneers here.

Where do you want your school to be in the next few years, or do you want to expand beyond the boundaries of your local market?
Exactly where I am! I love to work and train with my team. We travel to Japan, the USA, etc. and it can stay that way. Therefore no further dojos are planned. Yes it is a business, but for me it is important to be satisfied with what I have and to find time to train myself. Martial arts is also business - but not only.

Are you going to visit the Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas again?
Definitely! I hope to be there again in 2021.


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