OUT NOW! Black Belt Magazine Edition Jan/Feb 2022

OUT NOW! Black Belt Magazine
Edition Jan/Feb 2022

It is a martial arts and combat sports publication at the highest level. The traditional BLACK BELT Magazine from the USA has now also been available in German since last year. Martial arts, combat sports and fitness have now become intertwined with the sports and entertainment industry in a way that has not been seen since the outstanding days of superstar Bruce Lee.

Get exclusive content, columns and reports about martial arts and its protagonists from the USA and Germany with our BLACK BELT Magazine. It is the only glossy martial arts magazine that combines martial arts, self-defence, fitness, health and a modern sports philosophy. Simply a pure pleasure to read and an inspiration for your own training.

And here is our new offer just for YOU:

Take out a BLACK BELT Magazine Subscription and enjoy the following advantage: You only pay for 5 issues for the rest of the year, including our current issue, instead of 6. This saves you 6.90 euros and you also get a voucher code for our current BLACK BELT Poster Magazine with a discount of 5 euros.
BLACK BELT Magazine is the largest international martial arts magazine. Our German edition is also international. Already with the third issue, columns, reports and interviews with many German-speaking martial artists, successful martial arts entrepreneurs and representatives of the guild are published.

Highlights and exclusives in the current German-language issue:

  • Our cover story: TAKY KIMURA -Part 1 "A Legacy Unforgotten" by and with Andrew Kamura.
  • JADE DRAGON - Insights on The Life of Bruce Lee, including his notes on strength and power
  • WOMAN`S HEALTH CAMP - The Black Belt Report on the sports camp for every fitness level
  • WKF 2021 Dubai - German Karate World Champion Sophie Wachter gives her impressions of the WKF 2021 and for the sport of Karat
  • Exclusive! - Shannon Lee talks about Bruce Lee's film performance and his role as a father + info about the new Bruce Lee products
  • What is Point-Fighting? - With Laszlo Gömbös and much more...

If you have a school, dojo or gym and are listed with us as a reseller, you can buy the magazine as a dealer with a minimum purchase of six issues. Furthermore, we have various exciting packages for martial arts schools/dojos/gyms for the "DOJO Listing" and the most diverse advertising possibilities.

Everthing at: www.century-europe.eu


Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
2022-01-14 16:40:00

Brilliant successes: Our athletes shone at the WKF Karate 1 Premier League in Casablanca. Abdalla Abdelaziz won gold and Team PUNOK achieved four Grand Winner titles.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

The new »Brave« product line from CENTURY Martial Arts awakens your courage and is THE opportunity to get hold of quality and style for your martial arts equipment at an unbeatable price.

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

Now the time has come: CENTURY unveils the new, fast and incomparably light kumite karate suit from PUNOK!  

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH

An unforgettable martial arts weekend: The Wako Turkish Open and the Kickboxing GB International Championship thrilled with top performances!

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
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