Foam Bo Staff

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This lightweight, durable Escrima is perfect for realistic training and is covered with 3 cm thick black rubber foam.


Due to the durable foam, the training is also possible without pain, but still realistic.
Available in the lengths: 125 cm, 152 cm and 183 cm

125 cm staff
This 120 cm long staff allows you to experience a whole new world of fighting strategies and techniques.

152 cm staff
This 150 cm long staff allows you to train and execute all imaginable fighting techniques with speed and power.

183 cm staff
For the samurai, such a 180 cm long staff was a spear with the tip broken off. An accomplished fighter could wield such a staff as either a short, medium or long range weapon, depending on the situation and the position of the hands. Many choose to train with different ranges. The 180 cm long staff offers the fighter the most versatile fighting techniques to win.


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