ActionFlex Combative Weaponry by Century 
Tradition + Technology
ActionFlex weaponry is a state-of-the-art, full-contact line including swords, escrima sticks and staffs which duplicate the sensation of using authentic weaponry. ActionFlex full-contact products incorporate a unique patented piston system that gives the user complete realism. Made from the strongest materials available, ActionFlex products have proven to hold up during the most intensive workouts. Great for all levels of martial artists.

ActionFlex Piston System 
The patented ActionFlex Piston System assembly is constructed of high-tensile bushings, allowing the weapon the flex and while maintaining the original structure. When the multi-part system flexes, it transfers the force of the user's hit through the weapon to the target, replicating the flex of a multi-layered steel blade. This type of flex action gives the weapon the performance, durability and longevity expected of the ActionFlex training products and is perfect for training.


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