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The sword has a round handle. Re-engineered butt system provides less flex and bend. It is always recommended that participants wear padded headgear so they can spar and practice without holding back.  ActionFlex™ weapons are a state-of-the-art full-contact line of swords, escrima sticks, staffs, nunchaku and knives that give the feel of using real weapons.

ActionFlex full contact products feature a unique patented butt system that gives the user a completely realistic feel. ActionFlex products are made from the strongest materials available and are proven to withstand even the most intense training sessions. Ideal for martial artists of all levels.



ActionFlex by Century is an American made state-of-the-art, full-contact line of sports equipment, which duplicates the sensation of using authentic weaponry.

ActionFlex (TM) padded weapons are designed to allow students to spar and train at 100% of their strength and speed. Now training can capture all the rigors of the full-contact experience. Each weapon features the non-slip, Sure-Grip impact handle and shock absorption. The ActionFlex (TM) weapons line includes escrima sticks, staffs, knives, nunchaku, swords, headgear and gloves that are all made with the finest and strongest materials available.

The patented piston assembly is constructed of high tensile nylon bushings that allow the weapon to flex and return while maintaining its original structure.

When the multi-part system flexes, it transfers the force of the user's hit through the weapon to the target, replicating the flex of a multi-layered steel blade.

The piston is able to move freely inside a foam-layered outer-shell, which reduces fatigue on the weapon.

This flex-action gives all ActionFlex (TM) weapons the performance, durability and longevity expected of Century (R) products.

Colors: Red, Black

Sizes: 24", 34", 40"


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