5 Misconceptions About Kickboxing

15.06.2019 13:59

As a gym owner, you’re responsible for your members, employees, and overseeing the programs. You’re the captain of your ship, so to speak, and it’s your job to keep everyone afloat!

So when you hear of new ideas and new programs for your gym, like kickboxing and boxing, it’s understandable that you would want to weigh all your options before committing. But sometimes, making the wrong decision isn’t the result of action, but inaction. Waiting too long to incorporate these classes can result in losses in the form of slower growth and lack of new memberships.

You may have some doubts about how well these programs can work for your studio. We’ve gathered the five most common misconceptions about kickboxing and boxing classes, and debunked them for you!

Misconception #1: No one will sign up.

No one likes being stood up – whether it’s on a date, or when you open the doors to a new group fitness class only for a whopping zero attendees to show.

Offering a kickboxing or boxing class is the closest you can get to a guarantee that people will show. A 2018 report posted to the American Council on Exercise (ACE) shows that these programs are currently experiencing a popularity boom. Everyone, from models to actors to TV personalities, is using these workouts to stay in Hollywood-good shape. So when you offer a kickboxing or boxing program, you’ve already got celebrity endorsement!

Misconception #2: Well, I do want attendees in my class – but I don’t have the space for them.

Kickboxing and boxing classes are like water: they’ll naturally shape themselves to take the form of any space you put them in. There are small studios and boutiques that offer these classes. There are giant chain gyms that offer these classes. The secret that they’ve all discovered: you don’t need any devoted space for a kickboxing/boxing program!

Here’s why: unlike in the old days, where boxing gyms were filled with heavy hanging bags suspended from the ceiling, you no longer need permanently installed bags. Instead of drilling holes into your ceiling or walls (another bummer to have to do!), you can use freestanding heavy bags! These bags, like Century’s Wavemaster 2XL Pro or Torrent T1 and T2 Pro, can easily be rolled onto the training floor, then rolled off and stored in a corner or along a wall when not in use, freeing up the room for other classes.

Misconception #3: This sounds like it would cost me too much to add.

Actually…no. It’s simple math:

A spin bike costs around $1,500, on average. To be fair, you can get them for under $1,000 if you’re cutting costs. You need one per person.

Treadmills are even more – up to the $8,000 range! Although you can still get a decent one for less than $5,000. Again, you’ll need one per person – two people using a treadmill at the same time is both borderline impossible and unsafe.

The largest Century freestanding bag, the Wavemaster 2XL Pro, is $360 – and that’s retail pricing, before the wholesale discount is taken. And if they alternate strikes, two people can work on a bag at once without reducing the efficacy of the workout.

Misconception #4: Even if I get the bags, I don’t have a kickboxing or boxing program.

You don’t need one! At least, not right away. There are tons of kickboxing and boxing programs out there, and it’ll be easy to add one and get a qualified instructor as soon as your ready. But in the meantime, if you don’t have an instructor, or are still hesitant about jumping head-first into a new program, here’s what you can do: just get two or three bags, and set them up as stations within your existing HIIT or Boot Camp programs.

Your members’ eyes will light up when they realize that they get to hit and kick a bag! People will love the addition, and soon, you’ll be able to move on to a full kickboxing or boxing class. In the meantime, you’ll drum up interest for your existing program.

Finally, the biggest reason, and why most gym owners hesitate (about anything):

Misconception #5: I’m worried it won’t generate any new revenue. 

Don’t be worried! There are plenty of ways a kickboxing or boxing class can generate revenue.

As we covered, these classes are popular. You’ll get new members (and new membership fees), while making sure your current members stick around. Also, because of the martial arts aspect of these classes, they’ll appeal to more men. As we know, group fitness classes tend to be majority female, so you’ll be unlocking a whole new demographic.

There’s also the fact that bags are cheaper. While we’re aware that saving money isn’t the same as getting new money, it doesn’t hurt – also, you can use the money you saved on bags to upgrade or retouch other areas of your gym. Having nicer facilities to offer your clients is never bad for memberships!

You can even make money off a boxing or kickboxing program! Here’s why: striking bags requires wrist wraps and/or gloves. You can keep a few pairs of communal gloves in your boxing classroom for people to use, but for the most part, everyone will want their own (no one wants to use gloves with someone else’s sweat all up in them, right?).

Start carrying gloves in your pro shop! Century’s Strive Gloves are perfect – they come in a variety of stylish looks, and are machine washable and dryer safe – definitely features you want to highlight when you offer them! Also, Century can customize your gloves with your gym’s logo. Clients will literally be wearing your brand on both hands!

Once people have purchased gloves from you, they’ve solidly invested in your classes. Their gloves will be a tangible reminder of their commitment to (as well as money spent on) your class. People are much less likely to leave your gym when they’ve literally bought a reason not to!

In conclusion: There’s no reason not to bring a kickboxing or boxing class to your gym!

These group fitness classes are an incredible experience for you and your members. Century Fitness can help you get started. Just click here for the resources to guide you to success!

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