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PUNOK is a brand by CENTURY Martial Arts. PUNOK equipment is designed for competition use – and that's at the highest level. PUNOK uniforms and belts are approved and certified by the World Karate Federation for WKF competitions.

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The World Karate Federation is a global governing body for karate, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and boasts over 10 million members across 188 countries. The WKF organizes the Karate World Championships, held biennially!



  • Head of Talent Development Center

  • Chairman of Champions-Karate e.V.

  • Active member of the National Kumite Team

  • 3rd place at the Senior European Championships 2023

  • 3rd place at K1 Premier League Fukuoka/Japan 2023

  • Multiple-time German Champion

  • Bundesliga Winner in 2021 and 2022

  • 2x 5th place at Senior European Championships 2021 and 2022

  • 2x 1st place at Goju-Ryu European Championships 2016, 2018

  • 1st place at Goju-Ryu World Championships 2017

  • DOSB B-Trainer for High-Performance Karate

  • 1st DAN black belt

  • State Coach for Rheinland-Pfalz

  • Ranked 10th in the World Ranking as of April 2023

The editorial staff of CENTURY Martial Arts talked to Florian Haas about his martial arts, his wishes, goals and dreams and also about the importance of his equipment from PUNOK. The multiple German champion, born on 16.02.2000 in Speyer has the 1st DAN and is one of the best karate fighters in Europe.

How happy were you about winning the bronze medal at the K1 Premier League in Fukoaka/Japan?
"I was very happy about winning the bronze medal at the K1 Premier League in Fukuoka, that was a totally special moment, because it was my 1st Premier League medal and I showed with it that the hard work in the last years was worth it - to stay on, not to give up and so there is still a lot open for the future."

What are your further and current sporting goals?
"My other current sporting goals are mainly the upcoming World Championships at the end of October in Budapest/Hungary. I don't like to talk about what exactly my goals are, simply because I am happy when I can achieve them in the end and can say with satisfaction = I have reached my goal! But of course you can imagine what the goals could be when you go to such a championship...

What does the martial arts mean to you?
"The martial arts in itself related to karate means for me above all that the values are so in the foreground! For this I find karate perfect, because just not only the beating and kicking is in the foreground, but the values that are represented with it and are for me the most important. A nice side effect is that you can be calm in the evening on the streets with the ulterior motive that you could protect yourself in case.

What is your motto in life?
"My motto in life is that if you're on fire for something, you can ignite that fire in others - which motto I revived last year by starting my own karate club, and that's what I'm trying to pass on!"

How much do you live for the sport and in what way?
"I live for the sport 100% because this sport is just great. For me, there is no better sport! As a competitive athlete myself, I try to get ahead every day and pass on exactly that to others! I try to show others the same way in their own way."

You started martial arts at the age of 6. Who got you into it?
"I got into it because a family friend also did karate and I saw some trophies in her room, after which I decided I wanted to have that many trophies someday too! When I turned 6 I was finally able to take up karate.”

How often do you train per week, and what does your training look like?
"I train 14 times a week, it always depends on what competition periodized phase we are in! Usually I train karate 1 to 2 times a day, the rest I fill with athletic training, strength training, speed, endurance.... and relaxing.

What do you think about the 2024 Olympics in Paris?
"It's a great pity, of course. It would be all the nicer if karate becomes Olympic again in 2028, because I could prepare for it even better and for me it is a realistic goal then to enter the Olympic stage after all."

What does it mean to you that karate is an Olympic discipline?
"We as a small fringe sport in Germany could get even more attention, because we are such a great sport and so much is behind it again, because it is simply not only about the sport, but also about humanity and the perfection of character!

What do you think about the products of the CENTURY PUNOK COLLECTION?
"I am super satisfied with the products - otherwise I would not wear them either - the quality is incredibly good, the possibility of the red/blue top set with a pair of pants, which at the same time have a great cost factor I find incredibly super, ultimately it is price-performance for me the best brand there is!"