Ulysses Gomez: Pankration for MMA

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Vol. 1: Strikes - This DVD explains the basic stance, footwork and pankration strikes in a way that makes it easy to incorporate the art of pankration into MMA.

Vol. 2: Clinch and Down Throws - Learn how to successfully throw your opponent to the ground with techniques such as the double leg takedown, the single leg takedown and the lower body takedown. Gomez goes into great detail explaining the Flying Armbar, how to avoid leg takedowns and Thai Cling.

Vol. 3: Grips from Below - Learn the important moves such as the Anchor, Barrier, Threat and ABT and how to implement them effectively in holds. On this DVD Gomez teaches the triangle, omoplata, armbar, kimura and guillotine, all executed from the floor. Also included are the seated leg sweep from defence, the simple leg sweep from defence, the half guard and the restful defence.

Vol. 4: Grips from Above - Use the toreando guard pass, head-and-arm lever, half guard pass, and snake arm through pass on grips from above! Gomez takes you step-by-step through each technique, showing how to break through an opponent's closed defence and how to keep them on the ground.

Vol. 5: Advanced Techniques - Gomez explains advanced pankration techniques such as the kimura to the stomach, from the kimura to the armbar, kneebar and the armbar from above in a simple way. He also explains retreat techniques, how to get to your opponent's back from above and the stranglehold from behind.

- Original American version! -

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