ASP Training Guns

  • Distinct red coloring prevents replica training weapon from being mistaken for live gun
  • Weighted, reinforced construction to stand up to the demands of daily training
  • Crafted to resemble real counterparts

The use of real weapons during training classes has resulted in far too many law enforcement students and instructors being seriously injured with "unloaded" firearms and "safe" knives. ASP Red Guns provide realistic training replicas of actual law enforcement equipment.
Red Guns are forgiving in the training environment. Because they are reinforced, Red Guns have the durability necessary for continuous training use.
Precisionmolded Red Guns fit high security law enforcement duty holsters.
Red Guns provide a safe means of training law enforcement personnel to handle, transport, retain and present firearms.
In every significant training detail, Red Guns replicate the exact appearance and handling characteristics of duty firearms. The distinctive molded-in color of Red Guns readily identifies them as "safe" to the public and in the training environment.

Note German weapon law:
Herewith we would like to point out to our customers before the purchase of this product that according to the German weapon law § 42a and § 12, paragraph 3, a fine weapon may not be open on the person ("the man") may be led, but this only in one closed container / transport bag, etc. may be carried, for example, if you take your practice weapon / fine weapon for spa training.
The definition of "specimen weapon" is defined in the German Arms Act in Annex 1 to § 1 (4).

ATTENTION: Sale of weapons (training weapons, souvenir weapons, etc.) does not occur to customers under 18 years. Parents can buy special exercise products for their children. For the execution of the order you deposit your date of birth and send a copy of your ID on request. The products in this range are sold for training purposes only, under supervision and in a closed environment, or to present them in a collection or exhibition. Some products may be exempt from import into your country. Please check this before ordering.

Sales ban for the UK:
In the UK, a 2006 law (Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006) banned the manufacture, importation and possession of fine weapons. These weapons are referred to in the UK as Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF).
* Therefore we are not allowed to deliver this product for order from United Kingdom and / or with delivery address Great Britain.

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