Customize your Martial art school with your branded merch

Customized Gear

Why customize with Century?

Every single piece of custom apparel acts as mobile billboard, carryng your school message wherever your students go.
Customized gear and equipment helps strenghten your school's sense of community.
When you customize your equipment and apparel, you set yourself apart from competition. There is no better way to demonstrate that you are a well-established and Properly structured school than proudly displaying your school logo consistently across your apparel and equipment. it shows professionalism and always acts as a great conversation theme.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the additional income you can generate just from retail custom sales. This additional income can offer the opportunity to reinvest in new equipment, provide scholarships for underprivileged students or numerous other ways that will help your school reach more people and spread the word of martial arts.
Customizing is NOT just for big schools! We make our minimums as low as possible to ensure schools of allsizes can take advantage of our custom program.

Customized Gloves

Set your school apart with customized training or boxing gloves. Feature your school's logoas a woven patch around the wrist, or screen printing on the fist of the glove, or both!
Choose from two styles, each available in different colors.

Custom Boxing Gloves
Minimum quantity of 6

Custom Open Palm Fitness Gloves
Minimum quantity of 6

We offer our custom labels on every of the numerous designs of the Strive washable boxing gloves.
Beware, the strive gloves can only be customized with a custom label of your interest.

Aztec Sunrise

Minimum quantity of 6

Green Hue

Minimum quantity of 6

Customized Bags

The wide variety of bags available frome Century provides you and your school with another way to make a professional statement. We now offer even more vinyl options to let you customize your merch to your heart's content with only a minimum amount of 6 of the same kind and color of any bag to start customizing.


Powerline Wavemaster Custom Standing Bag


Wavemaster "XL Pro Custom Standing Bag


Original Wavemaster Custom Base Cover


Muay Thai Custom Hanging Bag


Torrent T2 Pro Base Wrap


Torrent T1 Base Wrap

School owners/Gyms will want to take advantage of all the great custom options Century offers on many of our products. We can engrave, embroider or screen print everything from uniforms and sparring gear, to backpacks, display cases, T-shirts and more! Selling custom products can provide big benefits to your school – establishing a strong brand helps you stand out and make you a recognizable marketing presence. We’ll even work with you to create a logo if you don’t already have one! With sublimation printing, screen printing, engraving and embroidery customization options, you can ensure that your school’s logo and colors are prominently displayed anywhere you or your students go.
If you have specific questions, please contact our Century Europe Graphic Designer, to learn more about the customisation graphic service:

Century Martial Arts Europe Graphic Design
Christian Schick
Phone: +49 231 / 249453 89
E-mail:  cs (at)