Why You Should Try Partner-Training Group Fitness

16.10.2019 14:11

Sure, you don’t need a spotter for cardio boxing, but that doesn’t make having a partner any less important!

Looking for a great way to get fit while meeting new people or having some one-on-one time with your best friend? Find a group fitness class at a gym that offers partner training as part of the workout routine! Boxing and kickboxing are two common classes to offer this feature, since partner training can be accomplished with focus mitts or Thai pads.

So, why use apply the classic buddy-system rule to your workout?


You’ll Get More Out of Your Workout

A friend helps you push yourself when you may be tempted to sit back and relax. When you’re trying for one more rep or one more punch, you need a friend to give you some encouragement and a good push.


Thai pads can help you work out with your friend or make a new friend through partner training. When you’re practicing roundhouse kicks, hooks, jabs or crosses, you’ll have a friend there to move the pads and stay responsive as you try out new angles or push yourself with a few more swings – until the instructor calls “Time!” and it’s your turn to hold the pads. Then it’s up to you to become the motivator!


They’ll Keep You Accountable

Accountability is an essential part to maintaining a consistent workout schedule. If you can choose a regular partner from the population of your group fitness class, he or she will have a feel for how much you were able to accomplish in the previous workouts, and where your areas of weakness are. Working out with a buddy gives you the chance tackle those challenges that have been a roadblock to your success, whether you realized them or not.

Going solo at the gym also makes it easy to skip (if you know that you not showing up means that someone in class might go without a partner, your accountability skyrockets!). If you’re ready for a new way to get more out of your workout and improve your overall training program, check out the benefits of group fitness training.


A Partner Can Improve Your Motivation

Group fitness is about cheering each other on to greater levels of success. Even if your workout buddy starts as a total stranger, the fact that you’re both in the class together, working towards the same goals, gives you all the common ground you need! They will help inspire you, and you can inspire them in turn.

You Might Burn More Calories!

Blame human nature – studies have shown that our innate competitiveness comes out to play when we’re paired up. This is especially true if you’re working out with a partner who you perceive as working out harder than you. We’re not recommending that you go around comparing yourself to other people in the class, but it is a good idea to keep in mind that when your partner is giving their all, you should be too!

It’s Fun!

Like just about everything, working out is more fun if you have someone to share the experience with! The connection you can form, even over the course of a single group fitness class, can make the time fly while giving you a more intense workout.

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