VERSYS Simulators

Practice realistic simulation with Century's versatile Versys line.
Developed by the research and development team at Century and tested by professional combat sport coaches, trainers and instructors.

Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator: Work on aerobic conditioning, practice self-defense, and follow through with kicks that cannot be performed on most bags.

Versys VS.2 Grappling Simulator: Practice every takedown on the on the first grappling simulator made to stand upright, including: throws, hip tosses, leg sweeps, arm drags, ankle picks, crotch lifts, single and double--leg takedowns.

Versys VS.3 Fight Simulator: Train on the first free standing bag designed with a three leg structure allowing it stand in a fighting stance. Simulate an arsenal of attacks, including: powerful thrust, jump and spin kicks, mighty knee strikes and sneaky groin shots.

All Versys products are made of heavy duty vinyl to give the best durability.

WARNING: These exercises are considered a high risk activity in physical conditioning. Consult your physician prior to starting any training program. Injuries including paralysis and death can occur when performing these exercises. USER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF INJURY!

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