16.06.2020 10:58

You want to get sweaty, but not wet and wearing a cool self-defense tool?


Currently, the #trainathome topic is still very dominant and many people are looking for other ways to increase their home fitness training again.

Sometimes it just has to be a little "more". No matter if you jump onto a plyobox or lift yourself up on a pull-up bar. If you want to sweat properly, you need more "portable" weight.The new CENTURY weight vests will help you. For several years, CENTURY had been able to inspire many athletes with the UFC weight vests. It´s time for you to get your new “upgrade” for your workout.

... and another tip when it comes to stylish, useful helpers ... The new MUNIO Kubotan key chain tool does not only look fancy with the many designs, but can also be used for various self-defense techniques.In any case, we recommend that you talk to your trusted martial arts school - there might Kubotan classes around, or you can be taught how to use this type of self-defense gadgets correctly, by your martial arts trainer.

Sweating yes, but not getting wet? - no problem ...The stylish and practical umbrella with sword handle look is currently only available in limited quantities.Summer is coming, but we still have some rainy days - so don't miss this accessory - a sword umbrella – your cannot get more “martial arts fashion”!

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