The revolution of the martial arts and fitness world!

04.03.2020 12:08

25 Years ago CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS changed the world of martial arts and fitness with the invention of the first freestanding training bag – the CENTURY Original Wavemaster was born!

Wavemaster history – Innovators lead, the rest fall in line!

After years of market research, the time had finally come. The beginning of a new era! USA, 1995 in Oklahoma City - with the help of product developers and many highly decorated martial artists from all over the world, the revolution of the punching bag was initiated. The birth of the Original Wavemaster from Century Martial Arts. The first freestanding training bag. International euphoria among all martial artists and fitness enthusiasts who have been searching for a long time for an alternative!

Until then, you always had to hang your punching bag from the ceiling, which was not always easy.

Specially made with the ulterior motive that not everybody has the possibility to hang up a punching bag depending on the location and to give martial arts school operators the possibility to make the training more flexible.

A stable construction, specially shaped, durable foam, a very resistant vinyl skin, height adjustability, rounded sides of the base, can be filled with water or sand, easy handling - Made in USA - These are the ingredients of success of the Original Wavemaster.

Everyone is thrilled and excited about the Original Wavemaster. A new icon of martial arts is born. Suitable for any kind of martial arts and especially designed to train them even more flexible. Especially for all Taekwondo lovers, the Original Wavemaster has been optimized - it should withstand the hardest kicks! This later resulted in a further freestanding bag descendant - the CENTURY TKD Wavemaster with its resistant shell and large, tapered surface for your Taekwondo training at school or at home.

The Original Wavemaster was the stepstone that CENTURY Martial Arts developed a family of freestanding bags, and today, in 2020, we can offer more than 25 different types and designs of freestanding training bags "Made in USA" from our production facility in Oklahoma City for every martial artist, no matter if it is boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, MMA, judo, grappling, karate or group fitness in gyms.

In 1998 we reached the next milestone, our topseller, the BOB - Body Opponent Bag. As the first freestanding training dummy, the BOB has a very special place in the hearts of every martial artist! Due to this innovation the BOB was and still is a worldwide sales hit. The BOB has been copied many times, but CENTURY has managed to become and remain the benchmark in the field of freestanding training bags through its production quality, permanent quality control and further developments. This was the first human-like boxing dummy that gave martial artists the opportunity to practice punching at human-shaped targets - without having to permanently beat up department store mannequins.

Over the years, the BOB has "given birth to many children", which after only a short time have achieved a high status in dojos, and among many athletes at home. As human-like dummies, the BOB XL, the Bobby Bully for children and VS.BOB, especially for self-defence, are already classics in the world of freestanding training bags.

The development and optical change of the Original Wavemaster in 25 years in one minute - a video for martial artists, fitness boxers and fans of history:

Innovators lead – the rest fall in line!

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