Miss Asia Global, No1 TikTok in her area and successful TKD pro athlete is our brand ambassador for CENTURY Europe!

13.07.2020 13:01

Miss Asia Global, No1 TikTok in her area and successful TKD pro athlete is our brand ambassador for CENTURY Europe!

Sara Damnjanovic from Belgrade already inspired the participants of the Martial Arts SuperShow Europe in Dortmund in 2018. Together with our global brand ambassador Aaron GNT Gassor, she marked a new era of martial arts-inspired, young social media influencers with whom CENTURY Martial Arts is creating new chapters of advertising messages.Sara Damnjanovic already has a very large reach on her social media channels and would like to use her popularity to inspire other young, female martial artists to combine their shared passion with more courage to beauty.Sara will continue to fill the hashtag #bemartialartsbesexy internationally with life and will inspire you all.We did an interview with her and you should definitely follow her on channels like Instagram and Tiktok. Of course Sara has an affiliate code, which she has on her channels, with which our customers can save on our site when shopping.



When did you start taekwondo and what was the reason you started it?

Sara: I started when I was 8 years old and the reason was movies of Bruce Lee. I was fascinated and I wanted to learn all of these techniques.

Tell us about your professional Martial Arts titles you won and your rank that you achieved?

Sara: I was double Balkan champion in Taekwondo, European medalist, World President Cup medalist and I was also national champion a lot of times.

What is the strongest Martial Arts Style in Serbia, when it comes to numbers of students/classes and dojos?

Sara: Definitely taekwondo. Serbia has a gold and a silver medal from the Olympic games. There are a lot of people that I inspire and kids send me messages every day and say that I inspired them to start this sport. I'm so happy to hear it and I am very proud of myself that I popularized TKD here.

A lot international website, channels and blogs are using your videos and pictures – when did you realized that your work is going have an effect in social media?

Sara: In January 2018th I started to go up. I was growing by every single day. It's nice to see your videos everywhere.

You are the number 1 Tiktok-Account in Serbia – What is your impression about social behavior of the people on platforms like Tiktok or Instagram. You learned Martial Arts, Discipline, and Respect – do you think that these are attributes which are not important anymore, when you review the people on social media?

Sara: Yes, I am No.1 here in Serbia and in all Balkan's countries. I have TikTok only about one year and all what I can say is that TT is a very creative app, but in the same time is more toxic then others. Honestly, I don't have big problem with hate, but some people really do. On TT I don't only recording about M.A. there are a lot of educational videos, psychological, make up, blogs, football, Q&A etc. I want to help other people as much as I can. Every day I talk with some of my fans and help them to solve their problems.

You received a lot of titles beside the Martial Arts ones for your work as a model, or for your social media presence, like Miss Photogenic, Miss Internet, Miss Asia Global 2020 – what was the most important for you?

Sara: In November 2019. I won world and open competition in India and I become Miss Asia Global 2019th. It was first title ever in history of my country. Also, I was 'Miss Of Public' or 'Miss of Internet', I got a lot of votes from my country and from all of my fans. Also, I won award 'Miss Photogenetic'.

You are working for the Serbian TV – what other media work you are doing?

Sara: I was working like TV presenter, also in the same time i was sport journalist, and still today i have relation with this and doing when i have time. About 2 times in week.

When you had been as our guest on the Martial Arts SuperShow Europe 2018 in Dortmund, you talked about female martial arts approach – Are women more shy when it comes to show Martial Arts and Fashion, because they think they might be reduced to just “looking nice”, especially when it comes to Social Media?

Sara: Yes, I was there, it was pleasure and I had a great time in Germany. Today the most important thing is to stand on the ground, be smart and don't listen to others.

Have you ever played in a Movie or TV Series and would that something of interest for you?

Sara: I love acting a lot. I was in 2 movies. Still working on 2nd one. Also, I will do some projects here in my country.

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