No compromises with "Krav Maga"! Here is the effective form of self-defense!

Krav Maga is an Israeli melee system that is also used for private self-defense.

Krav maga sparring gearIt allows people of all ages or sex to defend themselves. Here, simple techniques and principles are used, which are easy to carry out even under high stress. The techniques use natural reflexes and intuitive movements. These are trained and repeated as often as possible because they make them incredibly fast and effective even in an emergency.

Krav maga is a style of fighting that does without traditions and focuses purely on training and combat. The effectiveness is in the absolute foreground. It always uses an obvious, simple and thus effective solution for self-defense.

No compromise when it comes to defending yourself!

The Krav Maga training is based on real and real combat situations. Because only those who train realistically, can really defend themselves in an emergency. The training sometimes takes place outside of your own dojo or a training hall. Realistic scenario training is also included. Real situations are rehearsed and practiced.

Krav Maga is an effective self-defense method. This fighting style is based on modern melee techniques. It is always the defense in the foreground - compared to traditional martial arts. The military origin is battle-tested and aims at an uncompromising, rapid termination of a fight. The scenario training promises realistic and highly intensive exercise methods.

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