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Jungshin Fitness® - A global fitness experience celebrating mindbodyswords.

Jungshin Fitness - sword focused group fitness is for everyone. This clip shows what a sword workout can look like, combining directional momentum training with lightly weighted loads to stimulate total body reaction for total body fat loss and muscle activation. The results from this sword focused group fitness workout will leave you with a 'martial arts' body that looks great and moves smoothly. That's the power of the jungshin sword focused group fitness workout!

The founder of Jungshin - Annnika Kahn

Annika Kahn is the founder and creator of Jungshin Fitness®, a sword focused fitness workout based upon multi-directional momentum training. She is an international presenter and has extensive background in athletic conditioning and sports performance. Her training in the Korean Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won has awarded her four world grand champions and the rank of fourth degree black belt. The Jungshin Fitness® workout has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX news, and in Shape, Martha Stewart's Whole Living, and Prevention magazines.

Most recently, Annika has been developing and implementing Instructor Training Programs worldwide and leading corporate team-building events. Some of her clients include Google, Sales Force, and The Hatch Agency. Her clients comment that her programs and classes are playful and accessible while being challenging and transformative. Regardless of age or fitness ability, Annika has the capacity to meet you where you are at. Annika holds an MA in the Psychology of Movement, lives in San Francisco, and is passionate about the body/mind connection, which she integrates into every workout. You will enjoy her classes as she blends humor with ninja strength.

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