Get your Century free standing bag for FREE!

19.03.2020 11:19

To all martial arts school operators, gym and dojo owners, to all trainers and wholesellers - be there with us at THE anniversary.

As a START all resellers who are placing an order with 500 EUR net or more, from 15.03. to 15.04.2020, will get an Original Wavemaster forFREE - GET YOUR CENTURY FREE STANDING BAG FOR FREE!

The first milestone was set in 1995 when the Original Wavemaster was created and EVERYONE who was enthusiastic about martial arts or fitness had been really excited about the first standing bag in the world.

Back then it was a sales hit directly and today it is still a powerful tool in your martial arts school! Become part of our Century Martial Arts Europe community and do not miss any of our offers in this anniversary year!

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