Are You trying to upgrade your Gym?
Take a look at he Focusmaster Productline!

The Focusmaster G-1000 is the Ultimate Striking Machine for boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and fitness training. Constructed of health club quality steel, the mainframe stands 183cm tall and 31cm wide and takes up virtually no floor space.The G-1000 comes with three targets. Two super tensionLeaf Spring Targets (G-1003)and oneStraight-On Target (G-1004). These three targets alone, can create hundreds of mind blowing, heart pumping, and muscle building combinations.

If your a club, school or gym owner looking to offer a new and exciting fitness kickboxing program, check our bundle packs. There you will find savings on various G-1000 machine packages.So whether you're putting a G-1000 in home or lining the walls of your fitness center, the payoff will be huge!

Each target features the"Lock In Tumbler System"so accessory and target changes take only seconds. With the ability to change the target angle, target heights and number of targets, the combinations are endless. Make target changes quickly and easily. All targets lock-in to any of the 20 mounting studs on the mainframe.

The focusmaster comes in different Variations!

G-1000 Single Wall Station

G-1000 With Floor Stand

G-3000 Freestanding Station

G-4000 Freestanding Quad Station

G-6000 Team Training Station

Create your own training regime!