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Hands down, the†worst†part of my years in martial arts training has been dealing with†Glove Stink. If youíve every trained any art that routinely uses gloves, especially the closed-finger boxing-style variety, you know exactly what I mean.

The smell saturated the gloves: sweat, sweat, and more sweat, sealed in and marinated during that one time (Öit may have been more than one) I forgot them overnight in my gym bag, in the trunk of my car in 100+ degree weather.

Before you write me off as simply a disgusting person, let me add: I cleaned my gloves religiously after every class. I wiped down the outside with paper towels and spray, or disinfectant wipes. I used more spray and more wipes on the inside. Eventually, an amazing friend/training partner gave me an electric boot air drier, the kind intended for skiing or hunting boots. That helped a lot, but the stink stayed. Unfortunately, thereís just no way to thoroughly, efficiently wash out a closed-finger glove.


Strive Machine Washable Boxing Gloves seem like one of those ďtoo good to be trueĒ products. Although Century has received overwhelmingly favorable feedback, I decided to do some in-house research. I gave my friend Tobie a pair of Strive gloves to wear to the boxing classes she takes (offered right here at Century HQ!). The only requirement? Train hard and get sweaty!

After a few months of training, I asked Tobie to review the gloves. Then, I put them to the REAL test as far as washing went Ė but weíll get to that in a minute!


Training with Strive machine washable Gloves from Century Martial Arts.

Strive Gloves in Use:

Strive gloves are roomier, and this is a plus. My hand doesnít feel cramped or restricted in this glove. Thereís more wiggle room in the finger area Ė my hands are small-to-medium and I have short nails, but I think if I did have bigger hands or longer nails this would be great. My thumbs and hands are safely protected inside these gloves.

These gloves were a little bit firmer than my last pair (Drive Womenís Boxing Gloves), and a little less flexible.

Thereís also a little more cushion around the knuckle area than in my other gloves. Iím relatively new to boxing and have weak wrists, so I also use hand wraps so I wonít sprain my wrists or hurt my knuckles. So, even though the finger area of these gloves is firmer, with the wraps, I donít have a problem. The wrist wraps on the Strive gloves also go down a little further on my wrists, which provides a lot of support.

Compared to my other gloves, Strive gloves are more absorbent both the inside and out.

Our class is mainly heavy bag training and partner training using Thai pads and body shields and doing combos. I find Strive gloves to be perfect. I donít know if Iíd spar with them, but for the training I do, the gloves are great. These gloves are lightweight, so I donít even notice them when Iím training, and they donít add fatigue. Also, theyíre really easy to get on and off because the straps are easy to grab, and the hook-and-loop closure is really strong.

I often wipe sweat from my brow during workouts and my make-up rubs on to the gloves. It comes off easily whenever I washed them. While I had them, I washed them three or four times. I put them in with the read of my workout clothes, on a warm wash cycle, with a Gain detergent pod. All the sweat and makeup came right off! The color didnít fade at all! They were super easy to wash and dry Ė and they didnít even make as much noise in the dryer than I thought.

These are definitely more attractive! These are very stylish, which is my favorite thing about them. I love the vast array of colors and designs. I feel very stylish and feminine wearing the gloves. Most other gloves do not have an aesthetic appeal for me but I love the vibrant colors and design of these gloves. I enjoy putting them on for class and the pop of color really energizes me.†


Tobie did a great job describing the fit and feel of the gloves! She also mentioned that she was happy with the results of washing them. However, I wanted to push them to the limit and see what happened:

The next day, they were ready for their cycle through the washer. I washed these solo because I didnít want the layer of lipstick to get on anything else. I used a single laundry pod, set the apartment laundromat washer, and waited.

Half an hour later, they were ready to go into the dryer.

Got them back!

Here were my results: the smells were gone.†Gone. If I put my nose deep into one and huffed I could pick up a hint of something tangy that could have been either the ketchup or the vinegar (and I could only smell it in one, so I suspect it was the vinegar). The physical traces of ketchup had also been eliminated.

The makeup, on the other hand, was still there. I was kind of disappointed, but, like I said in the video, I think I understand why it happened. I chose the brightest shade of lipstick I own, and smeared it and the concealer on the gloves more thickly than I do my face. The washing faded them, the concealer more so, but the marks are still clearly evident.

Final Verdict:

I admit that I was hoping the makeup would wash off, but Iím not surprised it didnít. I donít think I have a single item of clothing I could do that to and have it come clean. Cíest la vie.

Strive Gloves: Fantastic but do not rub lipstick on them.

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